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For many years I've been working as a kitesurf instructor. In these years I've learned a lot about teaching and how to spot mistakes, not only did I help others improve their kiting but these experiences also helped me a lot! Learning something new is all about breaking it down in bite size chunks, this goes for a "simple" back roll, but also for big Megaloops with rotations.

I offer advanced kiteboarding coaching to everyone who wants to take their kiting to the next level! Would you like to have someone looking out for you when riding a new spot for the first time?. Let it be for waves, freestyle, big air or wakestyle? I got your back covered with 15+ years of kiting and teaching experience.

I've partnered up with BB Talkin EU because I think lessons with a headset are the future! No more shouting from the beach, with these headsets we stay in contact on and off the water. Tips at the right moment will make that new trick a walk in the park.

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Below you can find my travel schedule and a book/enquiry form.
Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions.

How I teach

Choose your board

I love riding all styles and boards, so don’t be shy if you prefer to ride directional or foil. I can help you progress on anything!


We will start with some theory on the trick you want to learn and break it down in bite size chunks. I’ll teach you more than a trick, after the lesson you’ll have a whole new look on how to try new tricks.

Always connected

Small tips at the right moment can make all the difference. To ensure you get the best result and I save my voice, I have a headset from BB Talkin so I can literally talk you through your practise.

Private or group lessons

Want a private lesson or would you rather learn with your friends? I teach up to 4 people at the same time (depending on the level) so that you know for sure there’s always an eye on you.

One for the books

Do you want to have your new trick on camera? For a small additional price I’ll get a photographer to catch you from your best side.
(optional on request)

Video analysis

It’s always easiest to learn from your own mistakes. By filming the trick you’re trying to achieve I can easily point out the mistakes you’re making.
(optional on request)

Private lessons

2 hours = €350

4 hours = €700

(Gear is excluded, an additional charge could be added for travel to the spot)

Group lessons

2 Hours (2 persons) = €450
Every extra person = €100

4 Hours (2 persons) €900
Every extra person = €200

(Gear is excluded, an additional charge could be added for travel to the spot)

Travel schedule

(All below dates and events are an indication and can be subject to change.)

I'm not sure where to go next... Write me a message if you know the next place/event/spot that I should put on my bucketlist

Contact me

Would you like to book or enquire?
Follow this link to the contact page.

Boost higher with the PERFECT jump // SA Masterclass

Strapless Air reverse ole with seatbelt grab

How to sequence from a strapless air ole with seatbelt grab


Ride with a decent amount of speed and pop out of the water with your kite at 11. Straight after the pop you reach for the nose off the board with your back hand. Hold the grab to the highest point and then let go to twist the board to toeside. Put your back hand on the bar to twist the last 180 and absorb the impact. Look over back shoulder to continue in a backside 180 and swing the bar over your head to finish the move.

Picture by: Christian Rosenbrock
Location: Le Morne, Mauritius

Inverted backroll with seatbelt grab


When kiteboarding it’s easy to forget about the basics. Even though the back roll is one of the first tricks people learn, they forget there is tons of variations on how to do this trick. All helping you to progress!

Start the trick like you would with any normal back roll. On the take-off you throw your head toward the front tip of the board whilst reaching for it with your back hand. This will initiate an inverted rotation. As soon as you see the horizon it’s time to tweak out the trick and spot your landing. Extend your body and let go off the grab to slow down the rotation. Put your back hand back on the bar for extra kite control. Absorb the impact from the landing and ride off.

Check Kiteworld #93 for a full explanation on this trick!
Picture by: José Denis-Robichaud
Location: Gamtoose rivermouth, South-Africa

Hand drag to blind


Ever wanted to feel weightless? This trick became one of my favourites for that exact reason. Flying over the water with only your hand touching it.

Start the trick with a lot of speed and steer your kite up towards 12. Pop off slightly into the wind and pull the bar down so the kite supports your weight. Now fall back and reach for the water while slowly steering the kite back towards the riding direction. When you feel that the kites starts to drop you it’s important to initiate the to blind movement by looking over your back shoulder to the water. Land blind and throw the bar over your head to finish the move.

Check The Kitemag #25 for a full explanation on this trick!
Picture by: José Denis-Robichaud
Location: Gamtoose rivermouth, South-Africa

Inverted frontroll


Why not spice up your riding a little with this grabbed inverted front roll?
Just like an ordinary front roll start with looking over your back shoulder on the takeoff. Grab the board by the tail and throw your head back. This will initiate the inverted front roll, all you have to do now is spot your landing and stomp it.

Check The Kiteworld #90 for a full explanation on this trick!
Picture by: José Denis-Robichaud
Location: Anse la Raie, Mauritius