Best results

Dutch national freestyle champion 2015 (Netherlands) 

1st Red Bull Boven N.A.P. 2012 (Netherlands)

2nd Red Bull Megaloop challenge 2017 (Netherlands)

3rd Red Bull King of the air 2014 (Capetown)

4th Red bull King of the air 2017, 2018 and 2020 (Capetown)

In 2012 I’ve started focussing on competing professionally. My full focus is on the Red Bull competitions and I train the entire year to “shine” at the right moment. The Red Bull King of the air and Red Bull Megaloop Challenge are well known for the extreme factor and only worlds best kiteboarders compete in these competitions. Riding in one of those competitions is already an achievement, but nothing beats standing on the stage in front of 10.000 people!